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Last update 09/12/2018

Hello and welcome to the ZZP! Thanks for considering to join the ride and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Each week we complete the same loop - the epic Rigi loop - (75km 600m climbing). There are 3 groups to ensure all riders are welcome can ride and can find a group that is the right speed. For 2018 there are few changes / updates to note:

CLUB MEMBERSHIP & HOW TO JOIN THE ZZP: The annual membership fee is CHF 50, however, all riders are welcome to come and join one ZZP group ride without any obligation to join!

As well as contributing to the ZZP organizing costs such as the website, Meetup and club insurance, membership will include: a Premium ZZP cycling cap, Exclusive access to the new ZZP kit store, negotiated discount pricing on all ZZP kit,
access to ZZP newsletter, invites to all group rides & cool events (with great prizes), access to exclusive sponsor promotions which include, 10% premium bike fitting discount with Cyclometry, Special offers on delicious Speck products, 10% discount on the Skins Swiss online store (valid until[masked]).

• To Join the club please complete the Online Membership form (https://www.cognitoforms.com/ZZP3/ZZP2018MembershipForm)
• The new member FAQ can be found here: ZZP Club FAQ 2018 (https://www.facebook.com/download/154688712005375/ZZP%20Club%20FAQ%202018.pdfhash=AcrWmLG99U7B6VwT)

Weekly Group Ride Route:
A new start to the Rigi loop is also in place for 2018. We will now depart, south along the Zugersee, to Immensee and into Küssnacht am rigi (less traffic and traffic lights) https://www.strava.com/routes/11544056

Meeting Point:
The new meeting place for the group ride is now at the Speck Pfauen cafe, in Kolinplatz, Zug Old Town. This is linked to our new sponsors for 2018: Rigi Gold brewery, Cyclometry, and Speck Bakery.

We continue to meet from 7.30 and to ensure a good social and safe ride for all riders of mixed abilities we continue to split into 3 groups. The the first group will depart at 07:45 average speed around 25 km /h), the second will leave at 07:55 (slightly faster average speed 27-32kmph) and the final group will depart at 08:05 (quite fast pace / 35kmph+).

There are typically 2 stops on the ride. The first is very short stop at the top of the small climb after the Weggis roundabout. The second stop is at the spectacular lake front Seehotel Waldstätterhofop for an optional coffee. Some riders stop, some riders continue directly depending on individual and group preference.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via [masked]

Please contact Ed if you would like to sign up to the weekly ZZP newsletter. For all previous newsletter editions click here (http://us11.campaign-archive1.com/home/u=2cb59629b18f22165e96fb9fb&id=3742e55ea1). And to subscribe, click here (http://strava.us11.list-manage2.com/subscribeu=2cb59629b18f22165e96fb9fb&id=3742e55ea1)

Ride Safety & Etiquette:
The number one priority on our rides is safety. Firstly, we would like to remind everyone about our ride guide which explains the general basics of good group riding. (Click here (http://www.darkhorseflyers.ca/rideetiquette/)). Next, are some key messages, specific to the ZZP ride.

1) Generally, (Zug to Kusnacht), the ZZP prefers to ride in a double line of at least 10 riders. The front 2 riders must form up to start and the following riders should form up behind.

2) It is everyone's responsibility to keep a close group formation with no surging on the front after traffic lights / stops / climbs, no half wheeling and the group should go as fast as the slowest rider. If a rider is dropped people should communicate this to the front of the group to slow down, and then communicate again when the rider has rejoined.

3) When the road is narrow (into Kusnacht / up to Weggis) a single line is preferred. All riders should help communicate this to those at the back. When it is safe to double up again - the ride leader should call this to the rider behind to come up alongside and the double line should form again.

4) To rotate in the double line it is generally safer for the 2 lead riders to agree to come off the front together and allow the double line to come through and join the back quickly. This should happen generally every 3/4 minutes. (it is ok to roll off sooner if preferred, just communicate with the rider next to you).

5) Weggis to Brunnen Roll-off: After the first short break at Weggis, each rider should make an effort to roll off with riders of similar ability, in groups of ideally 8-10 maximum. A good 1 min gap in between groups, helps to avoid a huge single snake forming which can be dangerous at higher speeds, make rotating difficult and be frustrating for other road users.

6) Weggis to Brunnen ride etiquette: With a narrower road and higher speeds the ZZP generally prefer to ride in a single pace line from Weggis to Brunnen. The preference is typically to rotate anti clockwise (peeling off left) after a short turn on the front. However, this can differ depending on group preference and wind conditions.

7) While it is encouraged for overall safety, riding in a double or single line is not obligatory. Any rider who does not feel comfortable rotating in a double or single pace line, should stay well at the back to indicate non-participation or simply call out to inform the rider coming back to slot in ahead.

8) TT Bikes: Now more TT bikes are joining we wanted to request that when riding in group formation, that riders keep both hands on the side bars / close to the breaks, and not in the forward bar position. This video of a small crash explains why! (thankfully the rider was ok and not injured) Click here (https://youtu.be/9d2LcNW7LWw)

Additional Note:
In order to participate, you must have the basic skills to ride in a group or be willing to ride at the back of the group while learning how to do this safely. This is not a bike skills training but people, before and during the ride will be willing to help you learn how to ride safely.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participant, by RSVPing "yes" you agree to act responsibly at all times on this event and to not hold the "Zug Zurich Peloton" or organizers of the "Zug Zurich Peloton", responsible for any injury

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