Wu Xing Cycle – Element Urban Retreat 2018

Saturday  23 March  2019  1:00 PM    Sunday  24 March  2019 5:30 PM
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Last update 25/03/2019

The Wu Xing Cycle is everything from start to finish: a breath, thought, day, year, conversation, project, lifespan. Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine use the Wu Xing Cycle to stay mindful and present to the energy your mind and body uses to keep a balanced, reflective and powerful appreciation of your life.

Sat, 23. March / 13.00-15.00
WATER into WOOD- the inspiration cycle
“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
Exploring through practice how we can learn to reflect on past experience without losing focus and reliving it. How we can use the wisdom of the past to inspire and manifest the life we intend to lead, looking forward with insight and inspiration.
A powerful opening practice to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, connected and positive.

Sat, 23. March / 16.30 – 18.30
WOOD into FIRE – the creation cycle
Strong intentions can far too often spiral out of control. How many times have you felt inspired and exited to begin a project, yet half way though the spark dies, the effort drains and burn out takes over. What are you left with? Feelings of worthlessness and fatigue.

The wood to fire cycle represents nurturing that creative energy mindfully and compassionately. Dedicating yourself to something that ma not be easy can feel exciting- this practice will explore how to keep momentum going so you can commit to and create the intentions you started with.

Sun, 24. March / 13.00-15.00
FIRE into EARTH – the nourishing cycle

“The ashes of a fire nourishes the earth.”
How good does it feel to get something done? To see a task through to the end?
To manifest a dream into a reality and let yourself appreciate the good work. It’s the moment you close your practice and seal in the experience in. It’s grounding. Whatever you went through to get there, a nourished earth feels amazing, nurturing, complete.
How often do you actually do this off the mat?
Earth reminds you to holistically gather your energy to allow reflection and growth as you begin to assess the yin from the yang.

Sun, 24. March /16.30 – 18.30
METAL into WATER – the releasing cycle

“The strength of a yogi is knowing when to surrender and let go. Its in the release, that you find your true power & potential”
Metal and Water are the most Yin of our cycle. A practice to embrace Metal’s powerful refining nature. Metal is the exhale, the long reflecting breath; Water is the emptiness, the clarity of the mind that flows to inhale again.
Our final practice becomes extremely meditative, strong and powerful. We heal through release, we manifest through intelligence. Let the metal-Water cycle show to how.

2hrs – CHF 50
1 day – CHF 90
2 days – CHF 180

Register here: office@planetyoga.ch

About Rooted in Yoga:
Kate is a full-time, qualified and experienced yoga teacher. Her energy and passion feel infectious, and ability to teach with attention, care and thoughtfulness inspired.

As a Yin, Vinyasa,​​ Ashtanga, Rocket, Mandala, Pregnancy and Children’s trained Yoga Teacher,​her skilful style is supportive, invigorating, and informative​. Practising with Kate encourages you to recognise with confidence the emotional, mental and physical ​restrictions​ ​you may be living with, or see in the students you teach.​ Let her guides you to fully experience your practice intuitively, enabling you to develop an holistic, safe, meditative and nourishing ​teaching style.

Whether you join Kate for our JOURNEY OF THE ELEMENTS URBAN RETREAT or the 50hrs YIN YOGA TRAINING, there is no doubt the practices will leave you inspired, absorbing a powerfully satisfying experience.

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