Zürich Yoga Immersion: Radiate from Within!

Sunday  24 March  2019  9:00 AM    Sunday  24 March  2019 1:00 PM
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Radiate from Within!
Tools to release stress and increase your vitality
Join us on this workshop where yoou will access deeper levels of connection with yourself through different Kundalini Yoga Pranayamas, Kriyas & Meditations
Through different practices of Kundalini Yoga Daniela will guide you to an experience where you will learn to relax and restore and to use the power of breath & mantra to be more present and increase your vitality
Workshop structure:
· Class 1 ·
Yogic practices and philosophy oriented to deal with stress, with movement, pranayamas (breathing techniques) and regenerative postures to cultivate self-care, relaxation and awareness of the present moment.
· Short break ·
· Class 2 ·
Physical practice to cultivate your inner radiance and vitality, guided relaxation and meditation.
Workshop Intentions:
* Learn practices to stabilise your inner energy and deal with information overload.
* Learn breathing techniques to be in the present moment and connect with acceptance as part of enjoying life.
* Ignite your inner fire as a way to digest & heal past experiences.
* Cultivate alignment in your practice as a tool to access deeper levels of awareness and connection.
Investment: 75 CHF
More info and registration:
About Daniela Troconis
Yoga practitioner since 2004, trained in Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha/Tantra Yoga Flow, Daniela has been sharing the teachings of yoga since 2008 and training Kundalini Yoga Teachers since 2012, as part of Imagine Academy in Spain & Switzerland.
Her approach to yoga is brings light to alignment in Kundalini Yoga practices as a way to go deeper into the experiences and take more advantage of it. Teaching with strength and care, she guides her students with ease, igniting the energy within through breathing techniques and awareness of the present moment in every yoga posture, to then dive her students into deep meditative practices.

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