Switzerland Jade Egg Initiation Weekend Retreat

Friday  15 March  2019  6:00 PM    Sunday  17 March  2019 5:00 PM
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*This Course is Sold Out! **
You are welcome to join next weekend in Vienna with a 50 euro travel discount or send Kim your email to know about future classes ????
Learning the Jade Door practices is about having free and skilled access to your power and being able to use it consciously for your truest desires.
For thousands of years women from various cultures including China have used an egg shaped stone inside the vagina as part of their self-care and spiritual practice. In recent years, this fascination with “yoni eggs” has spread into mainstream culture in various ways.
In the Jade Door practices the Jade Egg Initiation seeks to start women on a path of well-informed and self-empowered jade egg practice that is firmly rooted in sacred Daoist understandings while also incorporating current knowledge and science of women’s health.
During this initiation weekend you will be introduced to Evolutionary Daoist Philosophy and Energy Anatomy. We will practice many qigong forms for women and we will discuss how the energy of the egg can be used in spiritual and physical practice and why it is such a powerful medicine for us in this moment in history.
We will learn tools and practices of self-care and exploration to heal our personal relationship to our creative powers and the uterine organ system, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. This includes detailed anatomical and physiological lessons as well as discussion of shock and trauma resolution from an embodied energetic and shamanic perspective.
The Jade Door practices include:
- Guided meditation and inner alchemy
- Self-massage and tools for self assessment
- Qigong toning
- Daoist, Yogic and intuitive movement practices
- Dance, song and ritual healing.
- Feminine Reproductive Health and Understanding
- Healing of Core Physical, Structural, Energetic, Hormonal and
Emotional Imbalances which can cause prolapse, painful
menstruation, pain during sex, incontinence etc.
- Empowerment and Education for Sexual Sovereignty
- Learning how to synch your body with the rhythms of nature for
greater ease in your everyday life
- Anatomical understanding which can empower you to make more
informed decisions about your physical health
- Access to Inner Dimensions of the Earth and Cosmos for Personal
- Direct embodied connection to your desires as the gateway to your
- Vitality, Spiritual Clarity and Personal Dignity
- Do you have questions about how to integrate your sexual energy
into your daily life?
- Do you long to trust yourself to answer your most important and
spiritual questions?
- Do you want more education and empowerment about your
feminine reproductive system?
- Do you crave feminine ritual?
- Do you want to reduce underlying stress in your life and have tools
of self-care that can help you stay vibrant in challenging moments?
- Do you long to connect with the wisdom of your own soul and have
access to her guidance, her support, her mystery and her
“I find Kim Robinson’s teachings to be deeply trustworthy, sacred and ancient. Her offerings are rooted in the depth and privacy of her own sacred practices, to which she is fiercely dedicated and ever-refining. I turn to Kim with my in-most questions and subtle explorations because I trust that she will always, without fail, point me back to the sacrality of the practice, to my own wisdom, my body, and to something ancient and ineffable that runs through us all.”
MARCH 15.-17.2019
Friday 6:30-9:30pm, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-5
*some scholarships and payment plans available email info@thejadedoor.com *Early Bird Discount before October 9, 2018
Early Bird Rate (UNTIL 31.1.19): SFR 320 + 68 for one pure Nephrite Jade Egg
Regular Rate: SFR 350 + 68 for Jade Egg
Here’s what women are saying:
"The jade egg, one of many pelvic floor training helps? OH - NO, the JADE EGG is more than just a tool and opens up a whole new approach to the hidden forces in the female center. As a pelvic floor trainer and experienced consultant on all feminine topics, the practice with the jade egg was not completely new to me. In search of an experienced teacher in Europe, I came to the offer of Kim Robinson in Vienna. Feminine spiritual mindful practice of bringing together valuable theory from science, therapy and one's own experience is a big challenge, but that's what Kim does in her seminars in a very impressive way. Through her loving and empathetic nature, Kim succeeds in creating a secure environment in which all women can gain their own valuable experience and exchange their opinions candidly and honestly on intimate topics. In jade egg practice, the loving attention paid to the female pelvis and pelvic floor is missing, which I unfortunately miss in Western culture and medicine, but which is an important cornerstone for awakening true femininity. The jade egg in Europe still unknown, spiritual, mysterious and weird? Yes, that may be true. It always takes courage to go new ways, once to change the perspective and to get involved in new experiences. But from my own experience and the experience of many women I personally look after, I know that it is worth opening the door "the Jade Door". The jade egg really opens the door to a very attentive and loving treatment of our own femininity, to ourselves and gives us the opportunity for a conscious training of the pelvic floor. Especially in women with traumatic experiences, injuries and after surgery, the jade egg can also be used wonderfully and successfully in therapy. To all women who are called to immerse themselves deeper into the mystery of the female pelvis, who are interested in feminine spirituality, and those who are already aware that there is a great power in us women who are just waiting to be awakened, this seminar is for me Warmly recommend Kim Robinson." -Karin, Salzburg Austria
"Receiving the jade egg initiation was a truly transformative experience for me, with her gentle guidance Kim helped me to heal my connection with my body. I wish I would've had this initiation and the knowledge Kim shared as a girl when I entered womanhood, for it would've spared me a lot of confusion and trauma. Words can not express how deeply grateful I am for the Jade Egg practice." –Anna Lafae Stranger, Vienna, Austria
"I am 63 and in the postmenopause. The doctors always advised me to use estrogen suppositories to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of vaginal dryness. Since I did not want that for a variety of reasons, the Jade egg practice was suggested to me.
Although I could fully trust this recommendation, I was a bit anxious. But there was no reason for worries, I felt safe and secure in the retreat right from the start.
And so these days with Kim and the JADE EGG were a very special experience for me. Kim is a wonderful woman, so loving, empathetic, happy, easy going and natural. In addition, very competent, with a large treasure of valuable tips and exercises. Kim creates a space of trust and security, an atmosphere of openness and spirituality.
Away from shame and embarrassment, it was therefore possible for me to feel myself new - physically as well as energetically.
Now, in fact, daily practice with the egg has brought a significant improvement already in the first few weeks. I am really very, very happy about that and grateful! The moisture in the vagina is back - and I also feel how good the exercises for the muscles of the pelvic floor are. Besides I have much more confidence in my intuition, feel a loving perception of my femininity and more closeness in the partnership.
The Jade Door practice is a wonderful enrichment for me. And so I'm very happy that this opportunity is now already available to young women!
If there also would be the possibility for a private session, everybody should catch the chance! It is really helpful!"
-Renate, Austria
“Amazing Work! I can recommend every woman who wants to receive profound and ancient wisdom around feminine sexuality and deepen the connection to her own sexual power to go to Kims workshops! It changed my life and helped me in so many ways. getting to know my boundaries and desires better, develop a higher sensitivity around my womb, increasing my intuition and life force, making me more healthy, grounded and clear about my own path.helping me to find my inner trust and therefore liberation from codependent patterns and most of all helped me to love myself more ❤️ Kim is highly processional and offers a unique combination of ancient teachings and modern knowledge, always researching and transmitting it in a such an authentic way ~ going right to the essence if things, helping so many women to feel themselves again and supporting them on their path of empowerment ???? Thank you Kim!!” Victoria Lozar, Vienna Austria
“I told Kim that I liked that she is not teaching New Age happy go lucky stuff. I was touched by the depth of her knowledge, her respect for what she is teaching, and the dignity in her transmission. Kim knows what she is doing and she gained it by exerting herself into it, and this is for me the best way to receive from a teacher. So you can relax, trust her and learn from her, so that she takes you on the sacred journey of discovering your feminine body.” -Amina, Lebanon and Austria
"After receiving the Jade Egg Initiation with Kim I had a very new peaceful and energetic sensation in my body. Also my mind calmed down and I felt very empowered as a woman and human being. I felt seen. What surprised me was the wholeness, the release of blockages, new flow of energy, curiosity and passion in my body. What I like about Kim’s work is her very humble and clear way of sharing her knowledge and discoveries. I felt her very authentic, soft, strong and playful. She helped me initiating my own practice and decision of how I want to relate to my energy egg, my womb, my uterus, my vagina, my menstruation, my door, my connection to the earth through the Jade egg. I understood again that also in this area there is no wrong and right from outside, what counts and leads me is my intuition, my passion, my joy and I have it inside of me. What a gift! Kim’s natural and playful way of teaching brought me also in touch with my personal intimacy and sensuality with myself. I remembered how important it is to enjoy myself and take time to explore this pleasure and inner peace without a partner. From that moment on I have started to feel a big difference being alone with myself, having this personal mission of exploration. Somehow I feel that I have kind of a sacred secret with me, it makes me smile. Also getting in contact with my partner has changed, I feel proud to be a woman and to have this mystery inside of me. All in all I feel much more honest, connected and creative in my sexual life. Recognizing my own power with the Jade Egg and Qigong helps me to keep on healing the union of female and male, inside of me but also in relationships. I left this initiation with a big tool, the Jade Egg as companion, self-trust, and a clear vision of what I want, what I don’t want in my (womb-)life, what I want to explore more and the question of how to share this knowledge in a respectful way to strengthen our sensual and sexual paths of unlearning and relearning. I am very thankful.“ -Magdalena, Vienna Austria and Quito Ecuador
In der JADE EI Praxis geht es darum freien Zugang zu deiner inneren Kraft zu haben und diese bewusst zu lenken und für deine wahren Sehnsüchte und Wünsche einzusetzen.
Diese Wochenende ist sowohl geeignet für Frauen die neu in der Jade Ei Praxis sind als auch für diejenigen die schon teilgenommen haben und ihre Praxis vertiefen möchten. Egal ob du die Beziehung zu deinem Schoßraum stärken möchtest, deine weibliche Sexualität entfalten oder Blockaden heilen möchtest - in diesem Workshop wird ein sicherer Raum für DICH gehalten.
Seit Jahrtausenden benutzen Frauen aus verschiedensten Kulturen, darunter auch China, einen Stein in Eiform in ihrer Vagina für ihre spirituelle und tantrische Praxis. Vielleicht hast du ja auch schon mal von sogenannten Yoni Eiern gehört?
>> In der Jade Ei Initiation geht es darum Frauen eine fundierte und selbst-ermächtigende Jade Ei Praxis nahe zu bringen, die ihre Wurzeln in der traditionellen daoistischen Lehre hat und gleichzeitig Erkenntnisse aus moderner Wissenschaft und Medizin über Frauengesundheit beinhaltet.
An diesem Wochenende bekommst du eine Einführung in die evolutionäre daoistische Philosphie und energetische Anatomie deines Körpers. Wir werden verschiedene Qi Gong Formen üben und uns darüber austauschen wie die Energie des Jade Eis in der spirituellen und physischen Praxis verwendet werden kann und warum sie für uns heutzutage eine so kraftvolle Medizin ist.
Neben praktischen Übungen für Stärkung und Selbstheilung werden wir lernen wie wir die Beziehung zu unserer kreativen Lebenskraft und dem Organsystem der Gebärmutter (inkl.Vagina, Eierstöcke, Cervix, Blase, Niere etc.) auf physische, psychische, spirituelle und energetische Weise heilen können. Dies beinhaltet sowohl detaillierten anatomischen und physiologischen Unterricht als auch Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema von Schock – und Traumalösung aus schamanischer und energetischer Sichtweise.
- Geführte Meditation und Inner Alchemie
- Selbstmassage und Werkzeuge zur Selbsteinschätzung
- Qi Gong
- Übungen mit dem Jade Ei
- Yoga, daoistische und intuitive Bewegungspraktiken
- Tanz, Gesang und Heilrituale
- Verstehen des weiblichen Fortpflanzungssystem und von Frauengesundheit
- Heilung physischer, struktureller, energetischer, hormoneller und emotionaler Unausgewogenheiten, die zb. Menstruationsbeschwerden, Schmerzen beim Sex, Unfruchtbarkeit, Scheidenpilz etc. auslösen können
- Bildung und Ermächtigung zur sexuellen Sourveränität
- Lernen von Synchronisation des Körpers mit dem Rhythmus der Natur für mehr Leichtigkeit und Verbundenheit im Alltag
- Anatomisches Verständnis welches dich dazu ermächtigen kann mehr fundierte und informierte Entscheidungen über deine physische Gesundheit zu treffen
- Zugang zur inneren Dimension der Erde und des Kosmos für persönliche Heilung
- Verknüpfung von verkörperter Verbundenheit zu deinen Wünschen und Sehnsüchten, als Lenkung deines Schicksals
- Vitalität, spirituelle Klarheit und persönliche Erhabenheit
- Hast du Fragen darüber wie du deine sexuelle Energie im Alltag integrieren kannst?
- Sehnst du dich nach mehr Vertrauen in dich selbst und der Fähigkeit deine grundlegendsten und spirituellen Fragen selbst zu beantworten?
- Willst du dir mehr Bildung über Selbstermächtigung und dein weibliches Fortpflanzungssystem?
- Wünscht du dir die Erfahrung von weiblichen Ritualen?
- Willst du Stress in deinem Leben reduzieren und Praktiken der Selbstpflege lernen um in herausfordernden Momenten in deiner eigenen Mitte und Kraft zu bleiben?
- Sehnst du dich nach Verbindung mit der Weisheit deiner Seele und nach Zugang zu ihrer Führung, Unterstützung und ihrem Mysterium?
15.-17. März 2019
Freitag 6:30-9:30pm, Samstag 10-5, Sonntag 10-5
*Scolarships und spezielle Preise sind hier erhältlich: info@thejadedoor.com
Atelier Solothurn
4500 Solothurn, Schweiz
Early Bird Preis (bis zum 31.1.19): SFR 320 + 68 für ein Nephrite Jade Egg
Normaler Preis: SFR 350 + 68 für Jade Egg
“I find Kim Robinson’s teachings to be deeply trustworthy, sacred and ancient. Her offerings are rooted in the depth and privacy of her own sacred practices, to which she is fiercely dedicated and ever-refining. I turn to Kim with my in-most questions and subtle explorations because I trust that she will always, without fail, point me back to the sacrality of the practice, to my own wisdom, my body, and to something ancient and ineffable that runs through us all." — SARAH BYRDEN
►Kim Robinson arbeitet seit 15 Jahren in den Bereichen Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Heilpraktik, Osteopathie, Bodywork und Tanz und ist Begründerin von "The Jade Door" - eine Brücke zwischen alter daoistischer Praxis und modernem medizinischem Wissen.

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