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Develop core leadership skills for the Digital Age Improve performance by leading with impact and agility Discover opportunities for innovation Influence and bring the best in others Encourage collaboration ... while creating a positive work experience for yourself and those around you SkillfulMeans Leadership Lab reliably and rapidly activates and develops your potential to be an impactful leader in the Digital Age.  We help you build useful, sustainable, cellular-level leadership social and emotional intelligence skills and habits.   In order to go deeper and achieve lasting results, the program is taught to small groups of up to 12 people over two days, followed by six weekly 90 minute interactive videoconferences and four 1:1 coaching sessions.  As you apply your new skills in your daily work, you engage online with your peers and receive valuable feedback and support. We all are very busy. The program is designed to help you open up more space, not to add more tasks to your busy schedule.  After the 2 day workshop, the remainder of the program can be completed online with limited extra time commitment and while doing what you are already doing at work. Effective and sustainable our work together is based on... Neuroscience & neurocardiology, to give us clues into what really drives people’s behavior - and what motivates people to change and develop lasting leadership traits and competencies.
 Mindfulness, the science of being present - a process of regulating attention and focus, so that people can bring high resolution awareness to their daily work.
 Performance coherence, a measurable state of physiological balance, where the mind and heart align. The entire physiological system becomes more regular and stable. In this harmonious state, people will perform at a higher level while maintaining their well-being. Designed for Digital 
Age leadership challenges Lead in a volatile, uncertain, complex 
and ambiguous environment Collaborate across generations, 
countries and cultures Perform well under pressure Deliver under extremely short notice … while overbooked, overloaded and overwhelmed Who is it for? For anyone in any organization who wants to realize their highest potential and takes on the responsibility to lead, regardless of role, title or function. It is also for those who see the value in creating high performing teams and a culture that rewards innovation, collaboration, trust, and fulfillment.
 SkillfulMeans Leadership Lab is for you if you want to walk the walk, and lead by example. How it benefits you Sustainable program outcomes Develop clear and sharp mind and see possibilities where others don’t Increase self-awareness and self-mastery and switch from reacting to responding Perform well under pressure while maintaining well-being at work and home. Collaborate and influence across functions, generations, geographies and cultures. Build more confidence and inspire others through your grounded optimism and resilience Lead with impeccability and responsibility and learn to make others accountable, too. Find more joy and meaning in your work. What makes this unique program effective Our leading edge Leadership Intelligence Toolbox (LIT) The basic principles and the LIT tools are a blend of mindfulness and performance coherence backed up by neuroscience and neurocardiology.  These tools and the support that you will receive will help you to reliably and rapidly develop: real-time self-awareness, self-management, motivation, influence, balanced empathy and well-being on a cellular level. Learn on the job, by doing what you already do with the support that you need All those 2-5 day leadership seminars can be inspiring. But what happens when it’s over? Real change can only take hold with daily practice, and when you put your new skills to work.  The ongoing support makes it easier to integrate your new skills and habits into your daily work.   Tailored for you, to help you achieve your own personal goals Everyone learns in a different way and has different objectives. That is why we customize the program for each individual to solidify and amplify their leadership strengths.  You wil develop the new skills by experiencing an immediate, positive impact on your performance and well-being. " I’ve been to other mindful leadership programs, it was inspiring, but it was difficult to apply what I learned. This program is different. I use what I learned here, everyday! Everyone on my team can benefit from the SkillfulMeans Leadership Lab."                                 - Fabio Scheurel, Senior IT Architect, Maiborn Wolff How does it work? the SkillfulMeans Leadership lab steps 1. Get Going  Week 1 Know your strengths with a self assessment of your emotional & social intelligence as a leader.Set your goals based on your pressing needs & performance objectives.Meet your peers online in the safety of our dedicated social-learning platform. 2. Learn & Practice Week 2 In-person workshop - 2 daysMeet your SkillfulMeans Leadership Lab peers from around the world.Together you will learn and practice new tools that engage the mind and ignite the heart. Brief presentation, dialogue and plenty of individual & group learning activities. 3. Own It! Weeks 3 - 8Interactive video conferencing - 90 min/week Connect, review, clarify, deepen, and practice your new skills.Learn by doing as you apply your new skills at work, so you can do what you already do - but better!1:1 coaching - 3 sessions for individual support - everyone needs a little nudge and learns in a different way.Peer ecosystem for valuable and personal feedback, as you learn from the collective experience of all the participants. 4. Strengthen it! Post program support (one month)Peer ecosystem for valuable and personal feedback, as you continue to reinforce your learning through the collective experience of all the participants.Graduation to celebrate our collective successSend off - 1:1 coaching Final coaching session as we look ahead to your next steps. topics include... Understand leadership lessons from neuroscience & neurocardiologyDiscover what drives behavior, and motivates us to change and develop lasting leadership traits. Increase focus & attention with mindfulnessBrain-friendly tools that increase your attention, clarity, single-tasking and overall effectiveness. Build real-time self-awarenessSo you can really know yourself, in the moment. As your self-awareness grows, it will lead to more self -confidence. Master skillful responsesWhen under pressure, learn to switch from reacting to responding. Shift emotional states on demand. Overcome setbacks with more resilience. Lead with impeccability and responsibilityTake responsibility for your actions, and learn  Motivate yourself - and influence othersAlign your mind and heart for consistent and reliable output by focusing on performance & integrity (not just outcomes). Lead with agilityExplore your own reactions to change.  Develop a more agile outlook and response. Build & manage effective relationshipsCultivate a positive attitude towards yourself and others. Balance empathy. Master the art of difficult conversations.   Collaborate across functions, generations & culturesWork well with people different from you. Create a space where everyone can work well together.   Develop yourself and othersBring out the best in yourself and others. Create an attainable leadership development plan. About your program leader Emil Ansarov developed the SkillfulMeans Leadership Lab (SMLL) program. He facilitates the program globally and leads the SMLL Teacher Training. Over his 25 years experience as a management and IT consultant he has lead teams on large global transformation projects and was a managing partner at Object Knowledge.  As a mindfulness and performance coherence teacher and a coach, over the past 20 years, he has helped individuals and teams to reach goals and find joy and meaning in their work and life.  As an executive coach, Emil delivers customized leadership programs to leaders globally to help them and their organizations grow and meet complex challenges and uncertainty with clarity, impact, innovation, and resilience.  Logistics The onsite program begins at 830 am and ends at 5:00 pm each day.   Lunch is available onsite but not included in the program fee. Need more information? If you would like some more detailed information, including feedback from past participants, go to our program page

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