Ayahuasca, BUFO Alvarius and KAMBO in Neuchatel 6-9 Dec

Do, 06 Dez 2018 - So, 09 Dez 2018
17:00 - 20:00

...A deep journey towards the most essencial parts of yourself...
-- Whatsapp +41 77 489 22 77 (Michèle) - suiza@innermastery.es --
Now we have brought together the unique potential of 3 diferent shamanic plant teachers of the Amazon jungle, to make possible an uncomparable experience for you.
1) ''The Ayahuasca is an ancestral plant brew with centuries of tradicional usage. Applied in therapeutical use, it permits the person go deep into his/her own mind and obtain a better understanding of oneself and other human beings...''
Makes possible to have intense experiencies, which bring the opportunity to impact positively in the daily life.
2) Bufo Alvarius: ''A direct and almost inmediate access to the core of oneself and the beauty of the universe. An uncomparable experience, difficult to express in words...''
3) The Kambó provides a large variety of physical benefits, which keep proving their effiency in lots of different types of indivuals...

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