Morning Yoga

Thursday  11 April  2019    Thursday  11 April  2019
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Last update 11/04/2019

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This is an active, breath paced 75 minutes yoga class designed to wake up your body and mind from the night.
We will first gently wake up the body and then continue to a more vigorous yet safe practice that will prepare you to meet your day energised, focused, and fully alive! The class will start with a short meditation where you get to focus your mind and set up an intention for your day. After the meditation we will move to a balanced practice that opens up the body and brings energy and strength. Breath will give rhythm to all movements, keeping your mind focused and helping you turn inwards.
Early morning is the perfect time to practice Sun Salutations and standing poses, because they give you the energy, grounding, and strength to face whatever challenges might come up during your day. In this class you will also learn the Purna Yoga Morning Series that is designed to wake up the spine and move your mind from the past to the present moment. This series is ideally done in the morning right after waking up.
This class will give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice throughout the whole day!

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Kronenbergstrasse, Thalwil, Zürich, Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra
Kronenbergstrasse, Thalwil, Zürich, Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra