Mindfulness Meditation Class

Tuesday  7 August  2018  5:00 PM    Tuesday  7 August  2018 6:00 PM
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Last update 08/08/2018

Come as you are, leave as you want to be! Weekly Drop In Mindfulness classes.

Each Tuesday of the month has a different focus and content, as following:

1st Tuesday- Mindfulness Meditation made easy. 60min class. Introduction followed by short practices and exercises in mindfulness (such as Mindfulness of breathing). All levels.

2nd Tuesday - Deep Dive Mindfulness Meditation. 60min class. Short introduction followed by a longer practice (45min). We practice Mindfulness Meditations, such as Body Scan, Sitting Meditation, Mindfulness of Breathing. All levels.

3rd Tuesday - Experiment the benefits of different meditation practices. 60min class. Short introduction followed by a meditation practice (listen to sounds, walking meditation, etc). All levels.

4th Tuesday - Practice Compassion, Kindness, Gratitude, 60min class. Short introduction, followed by a combination of mindfulness practices with reflections and exercises in Compassion, Gratitude, Kindness, Generosity and other ethical values. All levels.

Connect and network with like-minded people and practice meditation in a group settings!


*In the absence of the organizer (Ela) the classes are held by the co-organizer (Martin).
**Classes are taught in English
***Cost: 20 chf / session
****No special clothing needed. Chairs are available but also mats, cushions, benches.

How to find us:

Organizer: Ela Amarie
I am certified as a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, by Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies. I was taught by B Alan Wallace, Phd and Paul Ekman, Phd. I am also an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher, certified by Swiss Mindfulness Association. I have an educational background as a psychologist, with interest in brain and mind interventions and have a regular meditation practice. I offer services for individuals, organizations and community at large.

More about my work:

I offer you 3 short audio recorded meditations that can help build a regular practice:


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Co-organizer: Martin

"Born and raised bilingually (English/German) in London, I have spent most of my life in Switzerland, with a short stint in Holland in between. For a living I work as a language teacher, translator and interpreter. I am a qualified meditation teacher and spiritual director at home in both Christian and Eastern traditions. My approach is trans-religious, encompassing all that is good and beneficial in spiritual and secular insights and that can be put to use in our practical, day-to-day life."

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