Mantra Workshop with Manish Vyas

Saturday  10 November  2018  1:00 PM    Saturday  10 November  2018 4:30 PM
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Naad Shakti: The Power of Indian Sacred Music
Mantra is a sound, a vibration - and the correct vibration is like a key which can unlock a higher dimension.
In this ancient science from India, meanings are not so important as ‘meanings’ belong to the sphere of the mind. Instead, a sound comes from the source of creation - the essence of sound - and when the transmission is pure, then it can become a transformative force.
There is quite a bit of evidence that sound waves were crucial in creating the Universe. Think about it, scientists all agree that there was a big bang, a massive sound! so sound is creation - and we can use it in our lives in a very positive and powerful way. Even the Bible in the Christian tradition, says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." ... this 'word' is also referring to ‘sound.’
The workshop combines theory and practice. The participants get some tools to apply techniques with music in their daily relaxation or meditation practice, in yoga, or just for promoting good sleep and calmness, or to invoke a certain energy they think they need in their life. It gives the right understanding and the necessary tools to relate to this ancient science of the power in sounds.
Summary of points covered:
- Introduction to Indian sacred sounds
- What is Mantra and how it should be approached
- How to benefit from mantras. Why sound is healing.
- The right sounds for meditation, yoga, relaxation, sleep
- What is the science behind the sound and the technique to make the practice effective
- Preparation for chanting / explanation of the spirit given to the music (rasa)
- Sanskrit and the importance of pronunciation
- Mantra and Kirtan - how it originated, how it is actually used in India
- Music for elevation versus music for entertainment
- Mythology behind sacred music
- Mantra and Yoga
- How to approach mantras in meditation and for daily practice
- Relation between mantra and Pranayam practice
- Chanting with harmonium
- Learning and Singing together the chosen mantras
- Q&A and comments
- Closing ritual with mantra
Manish Vyas
Born and raised in Gujarat India, from a family closely related to music and spirituality and under the hearty influence of his teachers and music gurus from India since his early childhood.
A recognized and respected composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist (tabla, santoor, harmonium, keyboard), he shares his compositions and talent in his several albums released during the last 20 years, the latest being ‘Sahaj Atma, Music that illuminates the soul’.
His melodies are known for being soulful, quieting and balancing - and mainly for keeping the Indian element alive and authentic in all his genres of music.
Manish has worked, recorded and performed with the most talented musicians in this music field. His musical palette includes devotional and kirtan, sufi, folkish, classical and Indian fusion.
Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2018
Time: 14:00 – 17:30
Price: CHF 80.-
Location: Sanapurna, Militärstrasse 115, 8004 Zürich
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Militärstrasse 115, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
115 militärstrasse, zürich, 8004, switzerland
Militärstrasse 115, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
115 militärstrasse, zürich, 8004, switzerland