O YOGA : On Repetition

Mi, 08 Aug 2018 - Mi, 08 Aug 2018
20:00 - 21:30

"Consider (...) the repetition of a decorative motif: a figure is reproduced, while the concept remains absolutely identical. However, this is not how artists proceed in reality. They do not juxtapose instances of the figure, but rather each time combine an element of one instance with another element of a following instance. They introduce a disequilibrium into the dynamic process of construction, an instability, dissymmetry or gap of some kind which disappears only in the overall effect."
―Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition
Mindful repetition is not repetition of the same but a process of learning that relates to what has been acquired. We will approach repetition in two ways. First as a set of highly-dynamic movements with a number that uncovers your limits. Second, as a set of asanas that will be stacked, one after the other, creating a growing "ladder flow". At first align and stay, with every loop, revise and deepen. Expect movement, sweat and rythm. Enjoy my fellow yogis!
Photo: Fabian Burguy
Duration : 90 minutes. All levels welcome
Drop-in: 34 CHF / 28CHF students
10x abo: 300 CHF / 250CHF students
Diana is an Architect and yogini living in Zurich and learning around the globe. With over 700 hours of training in Hong Kong and Singapore, under the guidance of Rinat Pearlman and Patrick Creelman, founder of Pure Yoga, she teaches a strong practice focused on alignment and intelligent sequencing. Her yoga classes find inspiration in everyday life, in as much as in art, design, literature and philosophy.
For more: o-yoga.ch

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Nordstrasse 195, 8037 Zürich Zürich, Schweiz

195 nordstrasse, zürich, 8037, schweiz


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Nordstrasse 195, 8037 Zürich Zürich, Schweiz

195 nordstrasse, zürich, 8037, schweiz
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