Wednesday after work ride

Mi, 08 Aug 2018
16:15 - 19:00

The series of rides for Summertime.

In a nutshell:
* Road racing bikes only
* Suited for intermediate/advanced riders
* Hilly 40km ride with steep climbs, ~650m of climbing
* Core route:


Based around a core route, as the season gets longer, the ride gets longer. Always a ride leader and sweeper on this route. Depending on group and attendees, there may or may not be an A/B group

"B" group rides "no drop", but you are expected to be comfortable with some steep climbs and 40km riding distance - road bikes only.

Finish with drinks at Rote Fabrik.

More information and our ride etiquette here:

Zurich Veloton does not warrant the safety of routes selected for rides. Cyclists ride at their own risk and assume total responsibility for their own safety. Zurich Veloton, its organizers and ride leaders will not be responsible for any injury or damage to any persons or property that may arise from participation in the ride. Rides are considered cancelled if it’s very wet.

Everyone welcome!

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Fountain at Sihlcity

sihlcity, Zürich, CH


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Fountain at Sihlcity

sihlcity, Zürich, CH
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