STRIDE Lab | Coaching for collaboration

Fr, 23 Nov 2018 - Sa, 24 Nov 2018
17:00 - 17:00

A STRIDE Lab on holding space for nurturing dialogue

“You can work on collaborating with others who complement your worldview because they are attuned to things that you might miss.” - Lee G. Bolman, Terrence E. Deal

Coaching offers a great variety of tools to support fruitful collaboration. We understand collaboration as a space which allows both for individual and collective flourishing  in a relational setting. The space needs to be designed and held in a nurturing way. Thus deep motivations, beliefs and limitations may be openly shared and addressed whilst trusting on the resources from within. Individual and collective purposes can be aligned. The collective opens the space to navigate and explore before deciding, commiting and taking action for change to happen and maybe re-deciding. “Coaching for collaboration” is a space of intervision where team members experiment with different methods and tools in order to support a fruitful collaboration. Mutual curiosity based on good intent reinforces trust. Trust is the foundation of any team willing to collaborate in integrity and to achieve high performance. This is the space we invite you to discover and experiment with during this Lab.


In an ever more interconnected world with the urge of addressing global challenges we need to be able to collaborate. Few of us know or have learned how to create and hold spaces that foster both the flourishing of the individual as well as the collective. At the same time it is either expected of us or we would like to be able to build on the full potential of a team, a group, a collective.


  • You want to work with and explore different coaching methods to foster better collaboration in your teams;

  • You want to expand your skill set of fostering collaboration and be able to intervene in individual and collective settings in a meaningful way;

  • You will learn how to create spaces of trust and safety, how to ask for permission and at the same time critically reflect you interventions;

  • You want to experience new ways of relating;

  • You want to become part of a community of practice interested in the flourishing of collaborations that will support you beyond these 1,5 days.


Upon successful completion of a pre-assignment (1-3h), the workshop (12h) and a post-assignment (8-14h) demonstrating expected learning outcomes, you will obtain an unCertificate of Completion (equivalent of 1 ECTS).


Xavier Garcia-Weibel has a proven experience as an intra- and entrepreneur and has occupied various managerial roles at large corporations in the IT-telecommunications field such as Orange and Swisscom in the USA, France, and Switzerland. Positions include Business Innovation Manager, IT Strategy Lead, and Strategy Manager. He has conducted strategic projects across corporate divisions and has first-hand experience in dealing with corporate politics and stakeholders.

Tanja Kully is a coach at heart and soul. She believes in the potential of each human being. Her passion is to support individuals, teams and organisations to grow, develop and transform so that they can create more fulfillment for themselves and others. She is committed to bringing Leadership and Coaching Skills in order to unfold full potential, foster connection and enable new ways of collaboration. She does this by the means of positive and uplifting experiences that both stretch and inspire.

She is a certified coach and facilitator for leadership, training and process workshops. Her own path of transformation has lead her to working with many great teachers in the field of coaching and leadership. Inspired by the work with Anthony Robbins, she is challenging her own mindset day after day and looking for ever new ways in creating lasting impact in the world.

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Impact Hub Zürich - Colab

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Impact Hub Zürich - Colab

131 Sihlquai, Zürich, 8005, ZH, Switzerland
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