Open Source Security Hackathon 2018

Di, 07 Aug 2018 - Do, 09 Aug 2018
09:00 - 17:00

Come and join SWITCH-CERT in the middle of the summer for 3 daysof creativity, innovation, and coding. The Open Source Security Hackathon is an event to work and colaborate on Internet security tools and techniques and data exchange.

This edition will be a 3-days Hackathon and it will be synchronized with the Open Source Securithy Hackathon in Luxembourg (hosted by which could expand the possibilities of collaboration.

The event is free of charge and will cover projects such as:

  • MISP Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform
  • TheHive Scalable, Open Source & Free Security Incident Response Platform
  • CVE search Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure Web Interface & API
  • AIL Analysis Information Leak framework
  • MONARC Risk Assesment Method
  • Viper Binary analysis and management framework
  • Entrada  An open source platform for network data analytics
    This list is not exhaustive.

Teams and individuals will be able to propose their own Open Source projects they wish to work on.

Be part of the official launch of the SWITCH-CERT "Hack The Hacker" escape room!  Hackathon participants will have the chance to be among the first players.

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2 Werdstrasse, Zürich, 8004, ZH, Switzerland


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2 Werdstrasse, Zürich, 8004, ZH, Switzerland
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