Learning C++ as a beginner

Di, 13 Mär 2018 - Di, 13 Mär 2018
18:00 - 21:00

Anybody who wants to learn C++ as a beginner is welcome. We share our ideas, learn from each other, do C++ exercises, ask questions & look for answers… etc. 

Whether you’re an absolute novice, or you’ve already made some experiences with C++ but plan to spruce up your knowledge and continue improving your skills, this group can be a perfect starting point for you.

If you haven’t setup your computer yet to compile and run C++, please make sure to do so in advance: Installing an IDE

(But no worries, we'll sort this out if it did not work out.)

A schedule is generally like the following:

18:45–19:00: get together and set our computers ready 
19:00–19:45: Topic introduction & presentation 
19:45–20:00: Break to survive 
20:00–20:45: Do drills & exercises, in groups or individually 
20:45–21:00: Discuss, question, overview

Resources for learning C++:

• The Solo Learn C++ Tutorial

•  Programming—Principles and practice Using C++ — by Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++.

• Tutorials for C++ & Object Oriented Programming: http://www.learncpp.com/ 

Our GitHub page: 

List of previous Presentation-Slides:


(Any suggestions, recommendations, or indications in terms of C++ books, tutorials, links & forums, learning resources and references, etc. are very much appreciated.)

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Limmatstrasse 183, Zürich, CH


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Limmatstrasse 183, Zürich, CH
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