evening walk to the largest waterfall in Europe and fireworks

Di, 31 Jul 2018 - Di, 31 Jul 2018
16:15 - 21:00

This spectacular event is defnetly a highlight you are not allow to miss!!!!
We do this every year. dont get scared about the amount of people who coming. this will be still a very relaxt and amazing Event.
The event is comletly free of charge exept your train ticket. this is one of the must go Events!!!! dont miss that and write now this event in your Agenda!!!!!

bring at least 1-2 bottles of wine, sparkling wine or juce to drink and snacks food for sharing to celebrate in the train, at the mounot and at the rheinfall.

18:15 we meet Zurich HB- at sektor B platform 7

18:35 train to Schaffhausen(arv. 19:13)

We will have to couches for us. one will be the Party coach and ond one will be good vibe relax coach. in both coaches we will open the bottles share food.

19:15 very easy walk to rheinfall

We stroll through the old town Schaffhausen. Through the vineyard we climb the Munot, climb up the tower to the pinnacle Munot and enjoy the view of Schaffhausen.
Break at the mounot, the chance to go to toilet...

After the descent we go to the Lower City Alley, Cross the bridge over the Rhine. In the shadow of the shore-forest we follow the left-hand bank of the Rheins. Shortly before Flurlingen leads the beautiful nature trail through a romantic rock tunnel.Our route climbs short uphill and leads along the foot of the vineyard to the village center of Flurlingen. walk through Flurlingen.

Back in the forest, leads a broad nature and uphill narrow road along the shore to Schloss Laufen

21:00 arv. on the rheinfall

Now we have enough time to find a fantastic place to watch the firework and celebrate with our drinks.

21:45 big incredible firework

22:15 now we have the chance to see the impressiv Rhreinfall at night in lights

22:51 Train from Schloss Laufen to Winterthur(23:19)

23:22 Train to Zurich arv.(23:41)

After Party in zurich night trains and nightbusses work in that night

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Zurich HB- at sector B platform 7

bahnhof zurich, Zürich, CH


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Zurich HB- at sector B platform 7

bahnhof zurich, Zürich, CH
Stimmt etwas nicht? Dieses Veranstaltung melden
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