Do, 22 Nov 2018 - Mo, 26 Nov 2018
13:30 - 15:00

Programme overview:

Bridge 1 is open to all qualified movement, manual and medical professionals to learn and experience how to take your work into the newly appreciated world of neurofascia.

This profound new body of work brings you to a new dimension of the body, leading you into the 'century for change'.

The 4 days will expand your professional horizons, and offer you new therapeutic applications for physical and physiological change. 
It introduces you to the concept and experience of Spatial Medicine bridging manual, movement and medical approaches to see and effect as one; it will change the way you work forever.

What does it offer:

The Bridge Prelude offers an enriched experience and therapeutic applications to understand and work with the nature of the neurofascial system.

It demonstrates how the fascia is the regulatory system, the greatest sensory organ, our stability system, and the distribution system, offering you new ways to see, to perceive and to work with the body from this fascial perspective.

Through what we do (and even think) we are always creating fascial change. Becoming conscious of this continuous subconscious happening we can elicit profound and sustained change, at will.

These days will teach you to recognize and change fascial imbalances, the strain patterns, habit patterns, and associated re-action patterns that in time become our symptoms; by re-storing to re-set the neurofascial pathways we influence the whole of your physiology.

This work offers a new vision and a new application for rehabilitation; teaching you to re-connect, re-negotiate and thereby re-regulate movement and neural state.

In these 4 days you will perceive yourself and your work from a new perspective, see infinite new possibilities and ways to infuse this information into your work and lives.

What qualification will I get:

You will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Bridge 1 is the pre-requisite for Bridge 2: The Change, a qualifying component.

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