5 Lakes Pizol Mountain Hike (5h/750m up/1200m down) plus Tamina Thermal Bath

Sa, 11 Aug 2018 - Sa, 11 Aug 2018
04:55 - 20:00


This hike is perfect for all hikers who prefer the mountains (and a hot bath afterwards) over the Street Parade. It is one of the most famous and beautiful hikes in Switzerland. We enjoy the scenery, first, in the cable car uphill for around one hour giving us the chance to see the valley and the mountains. When reaching Pizolhütte, our five hours hike starts. We will see altogether five lakes on our hike on around 2000m altitude.

It is a 750 uphill, 1200m downhill mountain hike with a length of 11km. The tour is mostly rated as T2, partially T3 possible. So you have to bring adequate equipment and you should have hike before. If you have done hikes with me before with either >15km and >500m uphill or a >20km hike, you should be fine. I am slow on the uphill parts, but we should be able to hike on the speed announced on the signs.

Once we arrive at the end of our hike, we take the cable car down and continue by bus and train to Bad Ragaz and visit the Tamina thermal bath, which many participants on my previous hikes liked.

Route details:

6:54: meet under the blue angel
6:55: go to the platform
7:07 IC to Chur, arr. Sargans at 8:02
8:06 bus to the cable car OR 30 min walk depending on the availability of seats in the bus
Around 1 hours uphill by cable cars with view of the area and the mountains
10:00 Start of hike at Pizolhütte
Short picknick lunch on the way
15:00 Arrival at Wangs
Cable car downhill
16:13 bus/train to Bad Ragaz, Tamina thermal bath
17:00-19:00 stay at thermal bath
19:18/20:18 bus/train to Zürich, arr 20:48/21:48

What to bring:
- Please buy a train/but ticket to Wangs, Pizolbahn (via Sargans), even though we might be walking from Sargans
- Swimwear
- Towel (or rent one)
- Camera
- Sticks
- Hiking boots (no sport shoes)
- Sun/rain protection
- Enough to eat and drink for the day (no restaurant stops planned)

- bus/train to Wangs, Pizolbahn: CHF 18.30 (Halbtax) <-buy before the trip
- ticket cable car plus thermal bath entry: CHF 44.50 (Halbtax/GA) <- we buy the ticket at the cable car/not possible in advance
- bus/train thermal bath to Zürich: CHF 18.50 (Halbtax) / you can buy this before the trip
- bus/train cable car to thermal bath: CHF 2.90 (Halbtax) / buy on the bus stop either online or in the bus
- Money for coffee/drink

The fine print:
- If you sign up, show up. Cancellations later than 9 a.m. Friday are impolite.
- Please sign up only if you intend to join the hike and go to the thermal bath afterwards.
- When signing up, you agree that the organiser shall not be responsible for any injuries, accidents that might happen during the event or as a consequent of it. I am not a tour guide nor did I hike the route before. We are an informal group of individuals. Everyone is responsible for this actions, choices, judgements, and adequate equipment. You confirm also that you are able to swim. Please verify in advance whether the tour is adequate for you, that you have the needed equipment, and that you are covered by your insurance.

I am looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

P.S.: If you board the train on an intermediate stop, please send me a private message.

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Zurich HB - Under the blue angel hanging from the ceiling.

Zurich HB, 8001 Zurich, Zürich, CH


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Zurich HB - Under the blue angel hanging from the ceiling.

Zurich HB, 8001 Zurich, Zürich, CH
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