3-day Hyperledger Fabric Training—Zurich

Fr, 03 Nov 2017 - So, 05 Nov 2017
08:00 - 16:00

NOTE: The class will be delivered in a small group of 6-8 trainees. We can consider moving to weekdays if there are requests from attendees. Vote for the best dates http://doodle.com/poll/9frpskwsshtdxry2 or email us (training@altoros.com) if you are willing to join but the dates do not work for you.

Hyperledger Fabric is the leading open source software platform for permissioned enterprise blockchains. Learn how to use the latest version (1.0) of Hyperledger Fabric codebase in a real blockchain network environment where you can play with smart contract deployments.

Is your team planning to build blockchain applications for your industry use case or project? Do you want to become fully skilled for building commercial-grade blockchain applications on Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 and deploying private blockchain networks? Then this advanced course is what you need!

Course duration:

3 days (8 hrs per day).


  1. Learn concepts and use cases of permissioned blockchains.
  2. Learn architecture of Fabric 1.0, setup network, run smart contracts.
  3. Learn to write smart contracts and deploy them in a complete blockchain application.

Benefits to you:

Solid hands-on technical skills developing and deploying blockchain applications with Hyperledger Fabric.

Interactive experience with expert trainers who have built working blockchain apps, an opportunity to ask questions and get real-life examples.

Who should attend?

Developers who have understanding of blockchains and want to know how to design and write their own blockchain applications on top of Hyperledger Fabric V1.0.

If you experimented with smart contracts, or worked with Ethereum, other blockchains, and want to dive into Fabric 1.0 - this is the right course for you.


- Working knowledge of Java
- Basic understanding of PKI and docker
- Development environment with JDK 1.8, Gradle or Go, and Docker Compose (docker is optional)
- ssh access to AWS EC2, IBM Bluemix or local Ubuntu
- Bring your laptop

Training Program

Day 1

Introduction to blockchain technology
Public and permissioned blockchains
Use cases for permissioned blockchains
Hyperledger project

Fabric 1.0 Workshop
Fabric 1.0 architecture
Endorsers, orderers, clients, smart contracts
Set up development network
Anatomy of config files and crypto material
Deploy and exercise example smart contracts

Day 2

Fabric 1.0 Workshop
Write your own smart contract in Golang
Custom Events
Endorsement policies
Overview of SDKs for Node and Java
Overview of Fabric Composer

Day 3

Identify a use case for a blockchain application
Design identities, entities, transactions
Design network, consortium
Use Node SDK to create application API
Create secure web front end

About the Trainer:
Oleg Abdrashitov, Blockchain Practice Lead, Trainer
Oleg Abdrashitov heads the Blockchain Practice at Altoros and the Requirements Working Group at Hyperledger.

Together with team Altoros, Oleg won the blockchain hackathon at Consensus 2016 with Decentralized Energy Utility Project, and delivered two working prototypes for the financial industry.

Contact the Organizers:
Please email at training@altoros.com if you:

- have questions about the training agenda
- need an invoice for your company to pay for this training
- need private training for your team on-site

About the Organizer:
Altoros is a digital transformation consultancy that has built a reputation in blockchain space. We are an active member of Hyperledger project, contributing expertise of our engineers.

We have built a number of blockchain application prototypes for insurance and financial services clients and conducted technical training on Hyperledger Fabric 0.6 for a large financial services corporation, as well as a number of blockchain workshops for executives in (Re)Insurance, Lending & Securitization field.

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