EasyHike OltenHills max 12 nature lovers ChilbiFunFair 13km 500m up/down 5km/h

Fr, 10 Aug 2018 - Fr, 10 Aug 2018
16:45 - 21:30

Trimbach Eisenbahn450 – Rankbrünneli585-Ifenthal700-Challhöchi830- GWHaus870-Homberglücke900-Forest735-NFHaus775-Gruebacker485-Olten OldTown/Chilbi/SBB400 (***müM/msL Meter über Meer, meters above sealevel)
Approx./ca. 13 km / 500m up/down / 2h30 / medium pace 5km/h / for experienced hikers / slippery, rocky parts T2
Hike Trimbach-Ifenthal-Homberglücke-Olten 18:45 - ca. 22:00 / Chilbi Fun Fair ca. 22:00- 23:30, 5min to trainstation from Olten old town.

IMPORTANT/WICHTIG: read more! Bitte weiterlesen! Please read the full information down here. You and I will be more relaxed if the organizing stuff is done before the hike.
D: Bitte lies die ganze Beschreibung hier unten. Du und ich werden entspannter sein am Wandertag, wenn alles Wichtige vor der Wanderung geklärt ist.
CAR driver has to look for their own time management! You should be ready at the place waiting when the train arrives. (15min before start of the hike). We will not wait for you! At the end of the hike, I will be happy about a tip of SFR5.
D: Am Ende der Wanderung freue ich mich über ein Trinkgeld von ca. SFR5.

Hello: Trimbach, Eisenbahn Bus Stop 18:45 / Start: Trimbach, Eisenbahn Bus Stop 18:45 / End OltenOldTownChilbi/SBB 23:30 Hikingtime/Wanderzeit/Pace/Tempo: approx./ca. 2h30 / Distance ca. 13 km / good hiking shoes / boots recommended due to slippery rocky parts T2 downhill without lights on gravel road. / Medium pace 5 km/h.

Breaks / Pausen: ca 15 min at Naturfreundehaus to enjoy the view, afterhike drinks, food and funfair at Chilbi Olten from approx. 22:00 till 23:30

Trains/Züge: Basel: 17:57 (ICE to Interlaken Ost, change in Olten) // Zürich 17:55 (IC17 to Bern, change in Olten) // Bern 18:04 (IR61 to Basel SBB, change in Olten) // Olten 18:37 (Kante B2 (BUS502 to Trimbach, Eisenbahn) Trains back from OltenSBB in each direction at around 23:30. Sorry, holiday season, a lot of people in the trains, maybe.

Please be early (18:45) at Bus Stop Trimbach, Eisenbahn
D: Bitte sei pünktlich (18:45) bei der Bushaltestelle Trimbach, Eisenbahn.

Bring: Proper hiking shoes or boots, hiking sticks?, sun-/ rain-protection, snacks?, 1L of water, good mood, camera?
D: Mitbringen: Gute (hohe) Wanderschuhe, Wanderstöcke?, Sonnen-/Regenschutz, Snacks?, 1L Wasser, gute Laune, Kamera? Why : To have an easy forest hike during 2h30 and 13km and 500up/down with a medium pace from 5km/h, to enjoy the view from the Jurahills, the fresh air at the forest and have fun with social interacting and at Chilbi Olten / Fun Fair, taking pictures, interesting converations, enjoy sounds of nature.

Weather: Forecast: Dry and fresh air after the heat, 16-23 degrees, we hike in every weather condition. Disclamer/Regeln: This is not a guided tour. Everyone joins at his/her own responsibility and needs a insurance. Pets are not allowed to not getting in trouble with other hikers. We hike as a group. You should be holding the guided pace as long as possible. If you are happy at the end of the hike, the organizer will be smiling if you give him a tip of around SFR 5.

No shows: Due to the limited amount of hikers (12) it is not friendly to be on the Yes-List and to be a « no show ». So please klick as soon as possible „NO“ if you know that you will not join the hike. In this case, another hiker can take your place.

Glad to see you soon ! Sunny greetings from Olten SO.
D: Ich freue mich dich bald zu sehen! Sonnige Grüsse aus Olten SO

Organizer: Tobias, Olten SO since birth 1983, speaks E / (CH-)D, experience of 40 hikes in Jura region since 2016. Meetup Outdoor Society Switzerland, Meetup BASS, Facebook „Olten Hiking“, WhatsAppInfoChannel, Instagram: tobias.us.dr.schwiiz Single: Women, please do not be shy ;-)

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Trimbach Eisenbahn

Hauensteinstrasse, Trimbach, CH


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Trimbach Eisenbahn

Hauensteinstrasse, Trimbach, CH
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