Luzern, swimming, picnic and short walk along the lake 6km enjoying the sun

Di, 07 Aug 2018
16:18 - 19:00

We will start walking from bus station called:
Kastanienbaum at 18:18, from there along water we will have nice views to Pilatus, Rigi and Burgenstock.
About in the middle of the walk we will stop for swimming, frisbee and snacking break.
The we will continue towards to Horw via vineyards, passing local farms and finally ending up in Horw again by the water.

The idea is to have nice afternoon together spent by lake, enjoying the sun and getting to know each other.

This is not a hike in sense of counting km and burned calories, this is to enjoy the summer! :)

Kastanienbaum,Schiffstation 18:18
Bus 21 from Luzern.
Bathing spot near by at 19:00
Free activities, like swimming, Frisbee, eating 19:-21:00

Total about 5-6km
Fitness level easy
Technical difficulty easy

what to bring:
Drinks, snacks,
Frisbee, swimming suit, towel, blanket, sun cream,comfortable footwear, some coins in case you want to buy something by the farmers like eggs, fresh pressed apple juice or sausage :)

Disclaimer: I am not trained guide, all participants taking this tour on their own risk. By confirming RSVP you confirm that you have read the disclaimer.

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