Hands-on: Building web applications with Spring Boot and Kotlin

Mi, 08 Aug 2018
16:00 - 19:00

This event is neither a lecture nor a workshop, I will only moderate the evening. We will meet in a relaxed atmosphere and work through an online tutorial by Sébastien Deleuze on the subject of Kotlin and Spring Boot. We help each other if we don't understand something or if we encounter a problem. The aim of the evening is to work together, to learn something new and to spend a nice evening together. Drinks and snacks are provided as usual!

Important: You need your own notebook or you come together with a friend and you share a notebook. Also remember to take a power supply with you!

Two years ago, Kotlin support was introduced in Spring projects (Framework, Boot, Data) and various blog posts, sample projects, slides and documentation were published. Today, we will work through an opinionated tutorial intended to summarize in a single place how to build a Spring Boot web application in Kotlin.

Topics covered are:
- How to create a Spring Boot 2 project in Kotlin
- Understanding the build configuration
- Testing with JUnit 5: integration tests, @WebMvcTest + mocking
- Persistence with JPA and data classes
- Creating your own extensions
- Rendering web pages with Mustache
- HTTP API with @RestController
- Configuration properties

Another tutorial will follow in order to show how WebFlux functional Kotlin DSL, WebClient and WebTestClient can be used to build Reactive application with Spring Boot 2 and Kotlin.

This Meetup is sponsored by the CSS Versicherung (rooms and WiFI) and the Java User Group Switzerland (drinks and food)!

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CSS Versicherung

Rösslimatte 52, Luzern, CH
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