Vinyasa Yoga in Kannenfeldpark

Do, 09 Aug 2018
17:00 - 18:15

Pairing up yoga and nature can be an incredible experience. Many aspects of yoga are in fact about being in the moment and at one with nature or the universe. Yoga means union, connection and when it is practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity and the universe is truly felt.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Thursdays 18:30-19:45
From June[masked]
In English
Kannenfeldpark, 4056 Basel, Basel-Stadt, Schweiz
Instructor: Ismini Makaratzi

What do I need to bring?

Yoga mat or a large towel,
Comfortable clothes
A sweater or a jacket often is needed in savasana

Drop-In: 20chf

How it works?
Please note: The class will have to be cancelled when it will be raining. If a class has to be cancelled because of the rain I will publish a post iapproximately 30 minutes before the class starts. I cannot say in advance as the weather in Basel can often change from one hour to the next.

What is FlowYoga?
Flow yoga is a term given to a style of yoga where the practitioner moves from one pose to the ext and the class, or practice, becomes almost like a dance. Generally, each movement in to or out of a posture is made on an inhalation or exhalation, so the yoga unites the breath with the movement in a choreographed sequence. The flowing movements may be combined with some longer holds of certain postures. Flow yoga is also called Vinyasa yoga. (

About me.
I have studied ballet and contemporary dance in Athens. Through the years of practicing dance & studying human anatomy, I found myself intrigued by the movement of the body in relation to the mind. After my studies in dance, I started practicing yoga and got certified with the Yoga Alliance RYS200 in 2014. Since then, I ‘ve been working as a yoga instructor while continuing to learn and grow in my own practice and teaching. During my classes I pay attention and respond to the individual needs and I aim to create a community feeling.

For more information, please contact me!
Facebook page: Yoga mit Ismini

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Kannenfeld, 4055 Basel, Basel, Switzerland


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Kannenfeld, 4055 Basel, Basel, Switzerland
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