Friday meet and greet

Fr, 10 Aug 2018
16:30 - 21:00

Lets meet for a Friday meet and greet at Campari Bar/Terrase. We will meet regularly on Fridays fortnightly. NB not at Kunsthalle Restaurant but in Campari Bar either on the wooden table or next to it when the weather is agreeable otherwise inside the Campari Bar
Come along on your own, bring your friends and you will always be welcomed. you will meet lots of interesting and amazing minds from all over the world.

If the weather is not friendly we will be inside the Campari Bar.
I intend to go to the Outdoor Movies at Munsterplatz on 10 August with the Shape of Water, afterwards. YOU HAVE TO BUY YOUR OWN TICKET. The full schedule and ticket purchasing are: Be sure you are looking at the BASEL schedule! There may be tickets at the door depending on the night, but a lot of nights sell out. You can also buy tickets from the Cantonal Bank in Shifflaende.

The movie will start around 9:15-9:30. You may want to bring a jacket or blanket depending on the temperature. Rain gear is good on rainy nights- the free ponchos are helpful but not great.
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Campari Bar

Steinenberg 7, Basel, CH


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Campari Bar

Steinenberg 7, Basel, CH
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