Café philo: Let's talk about courage

Di, 13 Mär 2018 - Di, 13 Mär 2018
19:00 - 22:00

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In the past, courage and bravery were highly-valued qualities any person of honor should possess. Tody, it's all about self-confidence. Why? Are they the same? What does courage mean to you, in your culture, your religion? If self-confidence means faith in one's own abilities, does courage require faith in something beyond, greater than oneself?

À prendre avec vous
Optional: If you like, you can bring whatever you think could be interesting for the discussion: copies of an article or book, a podcast (please select not more than 5 minutes), a picture... Even techniques to increase mental strength could be interesting to talk about.

Please suggest a venue. Otherwise we will try to find a quiet spot at Markthalle.

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Markthalle , Basel, Switzerland


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Markthalle , Basel, Switzerland
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