10. Session - Final Session Joy @work with Premium Speaker

Mi, 17 Jul 2019
18:00 - 21:00


Communication is complicated. Because of the number of variables involved, even simple requests are extremely complex. Whenever we communicate are at least 6 people involved: (1) who you think you are, (2) who you think the other person is, (3) who you think the other person thinks you are,  (4) who the other person thinks he/she is, (5) who the other person thinks you are, (6) who the other person thinks you think he/she is.

We believe in the power of communication, but we know that is not an easy topic, together with Joy Corporate we are selecting the best coaches for this one year workshop series. We are opening this workshop for non-Adobe people as well.

Our intro on 19th July 2018, works as a preparation for the series that will begin in September this 2018 and goes until July 2019. All Workshops will be hosted in our office. You can choose to do all or pick the one that suits better to you.


Part 1: Workshop with Joy Corporate and Roleplay

What are your feelings after this communication sessions? What is important to you? What would make you happy at work every day?

To formulate these wishes may not seem particularly difficult at first glance. But have you ever formulated your goals and wishes, be they professional or private, and put them on paper? It is extremely important that you really define these wishes for yourself and stick to them. Rather, there is a clear goal definition, hard work, a little talent and possibly a bit of luck behind success and joy.

1 hour – we formulate goals and wishes, discuss & analyse the entire communication plan.

Part 2: Premium Speaker: Wladislaw Jachtchenko – Experte and TOP10-Speaker in Europe
Workshop „Empathical Communication“ -Rosenberg and ESPERE-Methode – Salomé. The ESPERE method is a training method susceptible to promote healthy communications and relationships. It refers to the work of Jacques Salomé and training which are now offered by presenters and trainers authorized by the ESPERE Institute.The ESPERE method offers essentially guidelines, beacons, tools and an accompaniment for learning another way to communicate and to put in common our differences in our daily life. It offers means to develop our own creative and evolutionary resources, in other words, it helps to help ourselves.


Details coming soon!

Here you can register for the other workshops:

  Intro - Public Speaking, Communication and Sales Workshop Series

  1. Session - Public Speaking - 19th Sept 2018
  2. Session – Productivity, flow and Management with DiSC® - 17th Oct 2018
  3. Session - Psychology of convincing and negotiation (Negotiate to win: success is not a matter of luck) - 21th Nov 2018
  4. Session - Rhetoric - effective questioning - and listening techniques - 16th Jan 2019
  5. Session - Communication and interpersonal skills for technical professionals - 13th Feb 2019
  6. Session - How to communicate with diplomacy, tact and credibility - 20th Mar 2019
  7. Session - Values and ethics in business - 17th Apr 2019
  8. Session - Emotional Intelligence and effective communication -15th Mai 2019
  9. Session - Increased self-awareness and confidence in the communication process- 12th June 2019
  10. Session - Joy @work & Premium Speaker - 17th Jul 2019

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