Gin House Blues mit Dan Mudd

Saturday  6 April  2019  6:30 PM    Sunday  7 April  2019 1:00 PM
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20.30 - 21.30 Blues Dance Crash-Kurs mit Bigi & Michu
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Blues Dance gehört zu der Familie der Swing-Tänze und teilt mit ihnen den afrikanischen Ursprung. Blues Dance entstand in kleinen Musikbars (Juke Joints) in den Südstaaten der USA und wurde später u.a. auch im Savoy Ballroom getanzt. Es ist ein intimer Tanz mit viel Groove und Freiheit für spontane Blödeleien.
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22.00 Konzert Mud Slide Dan
A singer and guitarist, virtuoso and innovator, Daniele Gigli represents one of the most interesting national musical realities of the moment. A mix of BLUES SOUL ROCK AND FUNK, a scratchy VOICE at the service of an accurate guitar technique poised between sound experimentation and traditional fingerstyle values. TESTIMONIAL of the renowned SCORPION BAY clothing brand and endorser of Bacci Guitars since 2016, has distinguished itself throughout the national and international territory as one of the best ONE MAN BANDs in circulation, for its great ability to offer covers with great artistic uniqueness and care of detail leaving room for a great improvisation instinct !!
"Armato" of various guitars and pedals participated in various events Festivals fairs and competitions of international level, also performing for TINA TURNER at the FOUR SEASON HOTEL of Florence in 2011 in a private event, alternating Clinics and Masterclass in Music Store and Music Schools.
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00:00 - 02:30 Bluesy DJ Grooves till late mit DJ Bluespapa u.a.
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