Mothers living on a different planet

Di, 19 Mär 2019
19:30 - 22:00

The goal of this series is to give mothers valuable insights and tools for self-support. We spend time getting to know each other and to build trust for supporting each other. When most workshops are about parenting techniques, about how to treat your children even better, to take charge of them rather than losing control, and to deal with crises, this workshop is about taking care of yourself.
Mothers of "different" children face different challenges of mothers with neurotypical children in that they have to learn about their child's difference and its implications on health, education and social life. These mothers are observed more carefully and constantly evaluated by professionals and non-professionals.
Themes that we cover include:
Support – what does it mean? How would you define it? What type of support do you prefer? Do I dare to ask for support?
Valuing and making mothers’ work visible – What are all the things that you do to look after your home and the children? Are you a cook, a cleaner, a teacher, a coach, a driver, a nurse, a story-teller, an advocate for your child?
Norms and societal expectations of mothers – Where do the norms for “good mothers” come from? How and by whom were they defined? How are they sustained? How do you position yourself from those that do not suit you?
Your identity as mother – How can you define yourself as a mother amidst the societal expectations? What is your preferred identity? What are your strengths and competencies? What competencies would you like to develop?
Develop your competencies – How can you best develop a competency that you would find really useful? How are you going to go about developing it?
To register, send me an email at drkatelindley(at) or call/text me on +41(0) 79 626 15 86.

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geneva, switzerland
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