Conservative Rehabilitation of Tooth Wear

Do, 06 Dez 2018 - Fr, 07 Dez 2018
08:30 - 18:30

This program covers in depth the risk and causative factors for tooth wear and their bio-mechanical implications. A very detailed and comprehensive treatment approach will be presented, taking into account tooth wear extent and individual dental conditions. It actually guides the clinician toward the most appropriate and conservative restorative solution, using either direct and indirect techniques, composite or ceramics. Probably the most complete and evidence-based program of its kind.
1. Risk factors and their evolution
2. Diagnostic & treatment planning
3. Laboratory steps (partial & full mouth wax-up)
4. Occlusal concepts
5. Direct techniques (free-hand or moulding)
6. The shell technique
7. Indirect techniques (composite & ceramics)
8. Night-guards: indications and risk management
9. Maintenance and longevity (literature review)

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