Christmas Party

Tuesday  4 December  2018  6:00 PM    Tuesday  4 December  2018 8:00 PM
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Last update 05/12/2018

Let's look back on another wonderful year! Join us in celebrating our impact achieved in 2018 as well as catching a glimpse of what is in the pipeline for 2019! We would also like to reflect on consumption and the art of giving...
18.00 Welcome
18.15 Looking back and forward
18.45 Input speech
19.15 Break-out groups - storytelling and gift sharing
19.45 Cultural community buffet - Bring-Your-Own
Storytelling and Gift Sharing
Bring something that you are ready to pass on to someone else. Tell us why you would like to give it to someone instead of throwing it away. Of course it could also be that this gift would not like to part with you, so please don't be hurt if no one chooses it.
This year we had the pleasure of providing you with healthy and sustainable food and snacks during our events, which is why this time we would like you to co-create the buffet with you. We would like to ask all event participants to bring a little something for the buffet - this way we can enjoy a big feast with a huge variety in foods and snacks from different cultures and tastes to share. As usual, the drinks will be provided by the Impact Hub team.
Please note that by registering and participating in this event, you agree to the recording of your appearance and/or your voice, which Impact Hub Basel / Verein Hubbasel can publish in photos, videos and accompanying sound recordings via online and offline media and for marketing purposes.

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