Using Mindfulness and Compassion to Transcend Conflict

Do, 13 Dez 2018 - So, 16 Dez 2018
15:00 - 13:00

Conflict is pervasive in our lives, within the context of family, close relationships, the workplace, and of course social, religious and ethnic groups or identities. It is the source of much frustration, despair, anger, and burnout. It can often arise in situations despite positive intentions, such as in corporations, NGO’s and social change organizations, and this sometimes adds a sense of failure and stress. For those engaged in spiritual or psychological work, it is one of the major tests and challenges that arise in daily life, and it can sometimes cause a sense of doubt about their path and themselves. In addition, we are living at a time when conflict and insecurity are on the rise, and we need new ways of dealing with it.
Dr. Stephen Fulder offers a retreat which explores Buddhist inspired teachings on the nature and sources of conflict and ways of replacing it with a peaceful mind. We will bring clarity to our tendencies for reactivity, and work on the transformation of emotions of anger and fear, the softening of attachment to views of self and other, and the recharging the batteries of compassion and empathy. Participants can learn how to deal with conflicts in their life more successfully, to be empowered to be in the shoes of the other, and to begin to be peacemakers.
The retreat includes guided meditations, basic mindfulness practice in various postures, talks on the themes described above, exercises on dialogue and compassionate listening, peacemaking exercises and modeling, discussion, small groups and inquiries and some quiet time for reflection. The retreat is suitable to anyone who would like to find new ways of dealing with conflict in their lives, whether or not they have prior spiritual practice experience.
Dr. Stephen Fulder has been practicing Buddhist practices for 40 years, and is the founder and senior teacher of the major meditation, and Buddhist spiritual practice organisation in Israel (Tovana – the Israel Insight Society) which teaches thousands of Israelis every year, in classes and retreats. He has founded peacemaking organisations such as ‘Middleway’, and has taught and led peace-making programs between Israelis and Palestinians for around 20 years, including ‘The Transformation of Suffering’ workshops.
Language: English
Seminar fee:
Early bird price until 1st September 2018: CHF 300.-
Regular price: CHF 350.-
Rate per person and night (incl. 3 vegetarian meals, not including visitor's tax):
Single Room: CHF 145.-
Double Room: CHF 125.-
Shared Room: CHF 115.-

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schweibenalp, brienz, 3855, switzerland
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