5 Years AJVT - Birthday-Party & Release Magazine #8

Sa, 11 Aug 2018 - So, 12 Aug 2018
14:00 - 03:30

we gonna celebrate 5 years AJVT Magazine with a big bang and the release/vernissage of the new Magazine Issue #8
every party needs a lil' something, so we teamed up with our longtime partners/homies/friends to bring you a day full of fun, happiness and maybe a lil' hangover the next day... (we plead «not guilty») ;-)
the lil' something:
- Release/Vernissage of the new Magazine #8
- Besttrick-Contests with Illumate
- Longest-Ollie-Contest presented by Approvedline
- BBQ by @ksgshop
- Brazil Distribution's Beer Corner
- doodah's Shot Bar
- DC Shoes Switerland's Ice Cream Booth
- Cakes & Sweets from our loved Mothers
Afterparty: 22.00h | Rössli Bar (Reitschule Bern)
so better get ur pens out, mark the date and swing by...!

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