365 days of carnival in my life- about masks, roles and self-discovery

Mi, 13 Feb 2019 - Mi, 13 Feb 2019
17:00 - 20:00

We are now in the carnival time. Many of us will soon choose a costume (or have already done so). It is the time when we wear a colourful, funny mask and pretend to be someone or something else. Do we do it only during the carnival?? When is the time to take off our masks??
Maybe it’s also a good time to think what is hidden behind my mask and have a look at how many different roles I play beyond the carnival? During the workshop we will try to answer these and many other questions.
This is a good opportunity to look into yourself, work with others on slightly different materials and in different situations than usual, be creative and have fun!

✔ Important informations:
1. You can sign up here but please send me also a message on meetup, mail or phone with confirmation of your participation (it is a necessary condition).
2. Workshop will take a place just if there will be at least 4 participants, 24h before it starts, otherwise I’ll be force to cancel a room and workshop. That’s why please sign up earlier (when you are sure that you want and can come) or let me know that you need to cancel.
3. The fee is 20 CHF per person.


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Gartenstadtstrasse 7

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, Köniz, CH


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Gartenstadtstrasse 7

Gartenstadtstrasse 7, Köniz, CH
Stimmt etwas nicht? Dieses Veranstaltung melden
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