Breath & Sound Retreat

Friday  26 April  2019  6:00 PM    Sunday  28 April  2019 4:00 PM
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Last update 29/04/2019

Be, Play, Blossom
We offer this weekend in spring to dive into the different aspects of sound, breath and silence.
Sometimes we just need to stop and listen. Listen to the bodies need, to our feelings and to what is happening around us.
This is an invitation to slow down, to breathe and feel, to leave the daily habits for a moment, as we tend to be fast, to run, to pretend, to put on masks and sometimes we even forget how we feel cause of so many duties.
To stop and breathe creates space, space for yourself, for your inner essence to come out, to be, to play, to express and to feel more alive.
We merge the elements of breath and sound. The breath as our life energy tool in everything we do, we put emphasis on becoming more aware of each inhale and exhale throughout this whole weekend.
The morning hatha yoga classes are focused on each breath, combined with asanas. (it is a hatha yoga/ kundalini blend)
We will have the blessing of live music throughout the whole class, which helps us to go deeper into a pose or remain longer within the pose.
During the carefully prepared breakfast, we will discover the aspect of silence, a beautiful tool to practice to listen to your body.
After that on the first day, we silently move into the nature, being together walking in silence and listening to the sounds of nature. From the silence the sounds appear, the rhythm can be perceived, like the rhythm of our heartbeat or our feet walking on the earth, the breath going in and out. You will move into the sound, discovering natural rhythms and your voice. An organic improvisation with the group, the sounds and nature, based on listening.
Our place Galleli has an amazing surrounding and a beautiful garden with two yurts, 1 is a sauna, that will be heated for you in the break before and after lunch. A sauna is a great way of detoxing and helping the body to relax. For cooling down there is a little river just passing through the land. If you don’t feel like sauna-ing, then you have plenty of time, to relax, catch up with a book or enjoy the nature.
For bringing more aliveness and diving deeper into the power of the breath, we will hold a breathwork & sound medicine ceremony. To use your own breath in this powerful way, is a great method to release and transform old pattern and beliefs.
The aspects of sound we will discover in many different ways, thru simple listening, to receiving sounds like in the yoga class, to breathe with sound and eventually to express ourselves thru sound- in voice work and singing. There will be plenty of options to play, to bring in your instruments and to jam together as music/sound is one of our favorite gifts we want to share with you.
Movement is a big part of this weekend too, in dancing, like the chakra dance, the yoga and the nature walk.
We, Mela & Miguel are combining our favorite work, we offer this retreat to share the best of our gifts, to bring more joy and aliveness through the togetherness with you all. We look forward to meet you and share this wonderful space with you.
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