Baby Sleep Workshop (0 to 9 months) at Arcus (Thalwil)

Baby Sleep Workshop (0 to 9 months) at Arcus (Thalwil)
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Wed 4 September 2019
Wednesday 4 September 2019
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Well-rested babies -> Relaxed parents

Sleep is a pillar of healthy development. It also is a key topic for you, (new) parents. Getting enough sleep (for both you and your baby) sets the tone of your parenting experience, as well as your little one’s temper.

We know that each baby is different, so is her sleep pattern. Hence, establishing a healthy relationship to sleep might not be easy for everyone. We also know that with right support and knowledge you can help your baby having a positive relationship to sleep.
It s also interesting to realize that what we do with our baby during the day influences the night sleep. So what is you daily routine towards the night routine?

Our baby sleep workshop aims at educating and supporting parents on baby sleeping patterns and behavior. The approach will entail going from motor development towards an organic learning of sleep patterns.

We will focus on:

- setting realistic sleep expectations
- body tiredness versus sensory over-stimulation
- creating positive sleep associations
- introducing a bedtime routine
- tips for parents behavior during the night
- naps
- night feedings
- longer hours of sleep
- co-sleeping
- soothing
- naps and sleep with other caregivers and different environments
- day-time vs night-time

Interested? Register online

Francesca Seegy (instructor):
079 240 3029
Begum (organiser):
078 770 9046

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Mühlebachstrasse 30A, Thalwil, 8800, Zürich, Switzerland

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Mühlebachstrasse 30A, Thalwil, 8800, Zürich, Switzerland

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